FSR Ventures is a public relations and marketing firm with concentrations in the travel and tourism, hospitality, epicurean, health and wellness, beauty, technology, parenting and family, fashion and retail, real estate and construction, and defense industries. A strong background in technology and corporate communications gives clients a solid business edge when crafting communications and marketing outreach efforts exceeding clients� expectations.


In the travel and tourism industry, FSR Ventures� founder, Jennifer Thomas, is a regularly featured writer in ASTA Network magazine touting marketing strategies for travel companies and represents travel associations, travel agencies, and tour companies with the goal of creating a positive image among consumers and the business community. Taking a passion for the travel experience and combining a strong business-centric focus, FSR Ventures� clients receive a unique marketing expertise and perspective.


Creating the story is how FSR Ventures is successful in differentiating its beauty, fashion, home and retail clients. With a team of past journalists, FSR Ventures ability to place media stories and get clients known as experts is unparalleled. We know how to tell your story.



The media training that Jennifer Thomas of FSR Ventures offers to her clients is interactive, on target and fun.  I recently participated in media training conducted by a trainer who works for a large New York PR firm; Jennifer's training sessions were equally as valuable and professional. Since she works in the travel industry, she has a unique perspective on what will appeal to the media, and delivers a fast-paced, personal training session that keeps participants engaged and interested. And they leave as more professional spokespersons for the industry!


�Eileen Denne, former Vice President of Communications, American Society of Travel Agents

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