Media Mapping Analysis

Measuring the effectiveness and results of your media relations efforts provides critical insight into what’s working well and what is not. This research approach establishes benchmarks for future ROI. FSR Ventures uses its proven methodology to evaluate selected media coverage and assess areas including content, tone analysis, expert positioning, message placement and coverage breakout.

Key benefits of a Media Audit include:

o       Establishes a benchmark

o       Measures media relations results

o       Identifies media opportunities

o       Addresses media weaknesses

o       Assesses media coverage



Ink Share

When conducting media interviews, goals may include delivering content-rich messages garnering ink for your company and being sourced as an industry expert in order to reach and influence your target audiences. However, the media is one playing field that is not always equal as you’re not the only one vying for ink.

FSR Ventures evaluates and compares how you were portrayed in the media compared to competitors. We also review and analyze what percentage of ink you received in comparison. We answer questions such as “Which company is the leader in the media’s eyes?” and “What types of articles appeared most often?”

Key benefits of an Ink Share report include:

o       Compares your media coverage to competitors

o       Identifies media angle opportunities

o       Analysis of media’s market perceptions

o       Establishes a benchmark

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