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In FSR Ventures� proven methodology for Message Development, clear, concise and confident messages are crafted that resonate with your key perception brokers and move your target audiences to action. Participants attend either a half- or full-day facilitated, interactive Messaging Session where we delve into your company�s unique abilities and market positioning. Our program process results in messaging that you and your team can use to communicate with internal and external audiences with words that truly define and distinguish your business. Messaging is more than words, it is words that matter.

FSR Ventures begins this process by uncovering 3 Key Messages. We evaluate company�s expertise, unique offerings, and market position. At the end of the messaging process, you receive a Messaging Platform Guide, featuring your 3 Key Messages and supporting proof points to use in a variety of communication mediums. The Messaging Platform Guide includes your organization�s:


 o       Good Words/Bad Words

 o       Value Messages

 o       Positioning Statement

 o       3 Key Messages

 o       Sound Bites

 o       Proof Points

 o       About Us Boilerplate

 o       Recommendations for Infusing Messaging throughout Company


Depending on organization size, a Message Training Session is offered which teaches executives how to maximize message opportunities. This is done either on a conference call or during an in-person meeting. Examples of how to project messages into presentations, existing collateral and media answers are provided.


Once Messages have been created and are being infused throughout

company collateral and used in appropriate venues, FSR Ventures offers a Message Assessment Session. We take collateral and media clips to see if messaging is infiltrating sources. We also test messages with target audiences to see if the words are resonating and being recalled.  This measurement is a great tool to assess your progress in effectively using company messaging and to further identify areas in need of refinement.


"FSR Ventures Messaging process was instrumental in helping ASTA create clear and articulate messages that resonate with our members and our target audiences.  The facilitated session was top-notch and really helped get all committee members involved and helped create buy-in to final Messaging product.  ASTA has integrated these messages into our collateral and media interviews helping us communicate with confidence"

-Kristina Rundquist, Vice President, Communications, American Society of Travel Agents
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