If a top-tier media outlet calls today, are you prepared to maximize the opportunity? Can your spokesperson clearly articulate your company’s top 3 value messages in less than 30 seconds?  FSR Ventures’ media and presentation training ensures you can conduct interviews and attack presentations with confidence, clarity and conviction. Our proven training sessions are designed to teach you how to infuse company messages succinctly; prepare thoroughly for media interviews and on-air appearances; deliver speeches effectively; avoid media pitfalls; and run through on-camera interview scenarios.

Building on your personal strengths in communications, we offer either half- or full-day training programs customized to meet your particular needs. We work with you and your executive leadership to sharpen their skills and practice messaging to further your market position and brand in media interviews and other presentations. Whether this is your first media training session or you are a media veteran, FSR Ventures’ customized sessions will boost your confidence and showcase how you are in control of the media game.

Prior to the session, we review your articulated messages, previous interviews and presentations, create a media training companion guide, develop the tough interview questions and prepare a skill development presentation. The training session runs you and your team through on-camera practice interviews/presentations with critiques in a simulated interview setting. We ask you the questions you might not want to ever answer…but regardless of the question, it’s your job to be prepared with an arsenal of answers. After the training session, we review the mock interview tapes and your messages and prepare a Question and Answer Guide that is meant as a cheat-sheet for upcoming interviews and presentations.*

By showing you how to turn your media interviews into opportunities, our media and presentation training program helps you maximize your potential for clear, confident communication.

*Optional item for media and presentation session training.


This is the type of training that gives you the comfort level to talk to the
media. If I learned anything out of this training, it's that you control the
interview and what questions that you will answer. Any retailer in today's
world needs to help shape our customers opinions and this is the way to use
the media to our benefit for free.

–Jay Ricker, President Ricker Oil Company, Media Training Participant from NACS

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